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Most Creative Mugshot Award Winners

We’ve looked through thousands of your mugshots generated with our Mugshot Yourself app, and we have been delightedly horrified by some of the faces you’ve made. Here are just a few of the most creative so far. We’ll keep sharing so long as you keep mugshotting.

The award for Best Alias goes to…PUNK DOLPHIN. Way to taunt those marine mammals. Also nice use of dramatic lighting.

The award for Worst Teeth-Fitting-Into-Mouth goes to…MADAME ROSE. It’s pretty obvious how she would get caught.

The award for We’re Glad You Got Caught goes to…MATT GIBSON. Congratulations, Matt! You’ve legitimately made us terrified of anyone named Matt Gibson.

Think you can do a worse job at getting your teeth into a criminal’s mouth? See the original, and Mugshot Yourself.

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